Getting Started

Welcome to EM Media Handler! This guide will help you get started with automating your media.


EM Media Handler supports Python versions 2.7 and >= 3.4 on Linux and macOS operating systems. Support for Windows is in beta beginning with version 1.1.

Check out the Installation Requirements for details on required python packages and 3rd party applications.

Make sure your system is ready before proceeding.

Quick Installation

The easiest way to install is via pip:

pip install em-media-handler

To upgrade to the latest version:

pip install -U em-media-handler

Installing from Source


You may need to prefix the python commands below with sudo depending on your particular environment.

  1. Download and extract the source files from either GitHub or BitBucket.

  2. From inside the downloaded source folder, run the build command:

    python build


    If you have run the build before, ensure you have a clean build environment first by running: python clean -a

  3. Install the package:

    python install

User Settings

The default user configuration file is installed to:


Use any text editor to open and edit the file. Refer to the User Settings article more details on the settings available.


To get started type:

addmedia --help

to view the available options. Read more about the Command-line Interface.

It is also possible to integrate EM Media Handler with Deluge using the Execute plugin. Read more about Deluge Integration.