Deluge Integration

An overview of EM Media Handler’s Deluge integration options.

This section is about the addmedia-deluge script, for information on the addmedia script, visit the Command-line Interface section.

Basic Set-up

To utilize the addmedia-deluge script, you must have Deluge’s Execute plugin installed.

The script is designed to be used with the “Torrent Complete” event.


This is the basic set up and usage of the script. However, using this method, it is assumed that your media is using the EM Media Handler Folder Naming Structure. Read on to the Advanced Set-up section for how to automate this by using an additional Deluge plugin.

To set up the event, all you will need the full path to addmedia-deluge script, which can be found by entering the following from the command-line:

which addmedia-deluge

Which should print something similar to /usr/local/bin/addmedia-deluge. Copy and paste this path value into the “Command” text box when adding a new “Torrent Complete” event, save it, and you’re done!

Advanced Set-up

The LabelsPlus plugin for Deluge is a great companion to the addmedia-deluge script.

The recommended setup:

  • Create a label for each media types you intend to use, e.g. “TV”, “Movies”, etc.

  • Under the “Label Defaults” settings set the following:
    • Enable the “Enable download settings” option
    • Set “Move Completed” to “Label based sub-folder”

You can stop here and manually set each newly added torrent’s label, or you can continue on and use the plugin’s “Autolabel” settings to create regular expressions that match the various media types and automatically apply labels.

Folder Naming Structure

EM Media Handler’s Deluge integration requires that your media download paths follow a certain naming structure so that the correct media type can be detected for processing. The structure is:

/path/to/<media type>/<downloaded media>

Currently accepted media type values and their case-insensitive variations are:

Type Allowed Variations
TV TV, TV Shows, Television
Movies Movies
Music Music
Audiobooks Audiobooks, Books