Module: mediahandler.types.audiobooks

Module contains:

class mediahandler.types.audiobooks.MHAudiobook(settings, push)

Bases: mediahandler.MHObject

Child class of MHObject for the audiobooks media type.

Required arguments:
  • settings

    Dict or MHSettings object.

  • push

    MHPush object.

Public method:
class MHSettings(adict)

Bases: object

Object which serves as a simple structure for storing data as attributes.


Main wrapper function for adding audiobook files. Processes calls to the Google Books API and ABC chaptering tool.

Required arguments:
  • raw

    Valid path to audiobook files to be processed.


A wrapper function for calling get_book_info().

Converts resulting dict into object members.


Iteratively converts a dict into MHSettings objects and subsequently into object attributes.

mediahandler.types.audiobooks.get_book_info(api_key, query)

Makes API request to Google Books.

Required arguments:
  • api_key

    String. A valid Google API public access key.

  • query

    String. Search string to submit to Google.